Responsible Parenting will make parents understand how they should monitor their children’s education, intellectual enrichment and stimulation and

Responsible Parenting
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development of a total personality for their bright future.

The endeavour will be to guide parents in developing a personality that is intellectually sound, mentally alert, having positive attitudes and problem-solving approach, rich in multi-tasking skills, and physically fit. The contents will be developed with the help of doctors, educationists, parents, students, and other specialists.

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December 2013
Vol. 1 Issue 8


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. How Good is coaching?  
  Success in career needs creative thinking and application of mind. Does coaching classes equip children with these two aspects of personality? - RP Team  
. Evading Glasses Harms Eyes  
  Parents are apprehensive of child having glasses. But any delay in getting specs for child damages eyes, in some cases beyond cure. - Dr. Ajay Dave  
. Mother's Milk: Nectar for New-born  
  Breastfed children have better immunity against infections and are protected against chronic diseases later in life. - Dr. Praveen Suman  
. The Bully and the Bullied  
  Children who bully and get bullied end up having distorted personalities. Parents need to be careful in both the cases. - Neha Mausoan  
. Don't Avoid Responsibility  
  A real case study of parents' ignorance when conveyed by the school about child being sexually abused. - Jaicey Abinu John  
. Know your Emotions for Autistic Child  
  Understand emotions that parents go through while raising an autistic child. - Renu Goyal  
. Twins' Parenting Stress  
  Challenges faced by the parents of twins and some ways to minimise their apprehensions and uneasiness. - Dr. Dilip Nanal  
. Developing Value-based Child  
  Is today's high pressure lifestyle taking toll on the value system that children are growing up with? - Parul Gupta  
. Develop an Accomplished Child  
  Start child's education for good manners and proper etiquettes from the beginning lest he is likely to be avoided once he joins mainstream. - YC Halan  
. Don't Mould Kids, Unfold Them  
  An educationist tells how children should be encouraged for self discovery and not forced to get moulded in parents' images. - Jyoti Arora  
. For Better Interaction Skills  
  Effective communication helps children develop a powerful personality. This non-cognitive skill should be inculcated in children right from the beginning. - Meenal Arora  
. Let Not Smoke Deform Child  
  Fathers smoking before and during the conception of a baby pass a deformed DNA to the child. - Deepa Chopra Sharma  
. Unborn to Mother  
  Beginning a series of yet-to-be-born baby informing mother explaining week-by-week growth and how her food, attitude and relationship affect him. - Sukriti Shahi  
. New Ways to Learn  
  Stellar Children's Museum is a creative outlet to help children learn through unique and interesting presentations. - Sukriti Shahi  
. Recipe - Chocolate Parantha  
  Interestingly made parantha with chocolate stuffing, this West-meets-East food item will surely be savoured by children.  
. Becoming Change Agent  
  Children can become effective change agents if parents encourage their creativity and non-cognitive skills in a concentrated way. - Y C Halan  
January 2014
Vol. 1 Issue 9
. Make child learn with love and not fear.  
. School bags do create long-term problems.
. Social skills in child develop strong personality.  
. Knocking knees - Reasons and Cure  
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